Who are the Snowmads?

We’re Jason and Kristin Snow, a travel-addicted couple who walked away from cubicles and conventional lives three years ago to traverse North America by RV, gaining valuable perspective on life and meeting new friends at every turn. We love to collect experiences instead of things.


How did this adventure come about?

On a whim, and with no RVing experience, we purchased then completely overhauled and modernized a 1965 Airstream travel trailer ourselves. We lovingly rebuilt it over the course of a year, thinking we could take weekend camping trips nearby and travel more easily with our dogs. Not long into the project, we realized we were subconsciously building ourselves a home – much more than just a means to take short vacations! The wanderlust was too strong to resist, so we figured out how to make our careers mobile, got rid of nearly everything we owned, rented out our house long-term, and hit the road full-time.


Before – she wasn’t much to look at. What did we get ourselves into?!


We made a career transition to digital nomadism – a term for working remotely from anywhere that you can be online. Jason and Kristin both work for Automattic, the minds behind WordPress.com, Jetpack, and major contributors to the open-source WordPress.org software – the very software that we use for this blog, and that powers over a quarter of all websites on the internet!

As a result of our professions, we need to have an arsenal of mobile technology to help us stay connected and make a living while traveling. We aim to have less separation between work and life, preferring to truly live while we work, and to do something that matters to us, lets us be creative, and makes more of a difference to others than just pushing papers around in a cubicle.

Our office view now changes every day!

Our office view changes every day when we’re RVing!

We lived and worked very happily in our 150 square foot Airstream for our first year on the road with our three rescue dogs, visited 35 states, and drove around 25,000 miles. Desiring a slightly different method of travel, a little more durability, and flexibility in our living and working space, we sold our Airstream to a loving new home and traveled in 2015 in a new Trek motorhome, which was leased to us from the manufacturer to help them test it in the real world and provide feedback on it.

That newer, motorized RV took us on another 10,000 miles of fun adventures in 2015, traveling from Florida to the Southwest US, up the Pacific Coast Highway, through Canada and all around Alaska, and it added a few features we enjoyed for our second year as nomads. It was a great experience, and we enjoyed the differences in the two types of RV.

Trek RV in Alaska

We just moved on to our third RV in as many years – we bought a smaller camper van, a 2016 Winnebago Travato, and are mixing it up by embracing a part-time travel lifestyle with it, while spending some of our time in our condo in Springfield, Missouri.

At Anastasia State Park in St. Augustine, FL

Galdalf the Grey Travato

We could also see ourselves possibly living on a boat part-time someday, or renting places in locations around the world for a few weeks at a time. The one thing we know for sure is that we have nomadic living in our blood!

More than just ordinary sightseers, our goal is to feel like we’re locals in the areas we visit – frequenting local businesses, making new friends, and absorbing the culture and history – all while hopefully inspiring others to live their lives in a way that’s similarly rewarding to them, whether that includes travel or not. We just happen to be in love with travel and the cultural, historical and environmental sensory experiences that many of us have lost touch with in this high-tech day and age.

We hope to share our experiences here to inspire others not to wait to follow their dreams – whatever those may be! Make yourself at home here: poke around the site, feel free to ask us questions, give us a shout if we’re near your neck of the woods (especially if you have a 20-foot-long driveway!), and follow us on social media if you’re so inclined. We’re so glad you stopped by!

Kristin and Jason Snow



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