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We’re Selling Our Beloved Airstream

We’re just shy of the one-year mark living as nomads on the roads of North America, and wow, what an adventure it has been! 35 states, countless new friends, and more stories than we can even begin to remember. An important thing we’ve learned this past year – maybe the most important – has been that travel […]

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A Do-it-Yourself Airstream Solar Installation with Go Power! Solar Flex Panels

 Camping off the grid for extended periods of time has always been a major motivation for our nomadic lifestyle, long before we ever hit the road with our Airstream. With an initial itinerary that led us to the New England coast, the Southeast, then the Gulf of Mexico, we didn’t have many opportunities for extended stays […]

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To Each Our Own Type of RV

I was inspired to write down a few of my musings tonight while sitting here in our 7 foot by 26 foot travel trailer, observing that we’re the smallest rig in this RV park by many linear feet and flaunting considerably less width and height as well. You can even see for yourself how tiny we […]

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How We Decided to Sell Everything and Move into an RV Full-Time

At some point around the middle of last year, it occurred to us that the need to pay for our house and all the stuff in it was the only thing keeping us from doing what we truly loved – being together as much as we’d like, living a simpler life in touch with nature, […]

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The Inaugural Trip Begins

Well, we finally did it: a day later than we hoped to be rolling due to an unforeseen brake issue caused by a bad truck-to-trailer cord, but we are on the road! The feeling of seeing the trailer lurch forward and begin rolling out of our yard was akin to watching a child take its […]

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Time for the Essentials

We knew we wouldn’t have time to finish up the water and propane systems before leaving for our first journey on May 30, so we got down to work on the other essentials, now that wheels were ready to go. First up was our lower bedroom walls, so we could build a bed. The old […]

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Now We’re Rolling!

We drove to North Carolina this week to pick up a rather essential component of our Airstream: the wheels! A fellow AirForums member was selling the rims and tires off his 2012 Airstream after upgrading to a larger size. We were geographically close enough that it worked out for us to go pick them up […]

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Nothin’ but the Tail Lights

Today we got our tail light housings back from the body shop and installed them ourselves. A friend, who owns Malibu Collision/Malibu Customz auto body shop and specializes in custom car fiberglass and carbon fiber, bravely took on our badly crumbling and irreplaceable plastic tail light surrounds. After several failed attempts at making a mold […]

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Corking Fees

There’s something magical about having a floor we could actually safely walk on with bare feet, after many months of fear of bodily harm, including–but not limited to–tetanus, splinters, impaling ourselves on various fasteners, or even falling through said floor. It also seemed fitting that two wine lovers like ourselves would pick cork as our […]

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