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Now We’re Rolling!

We drove to North Carolina this week to pick up a rather essential component of our Airstream: the wheels! A fellow AirForums member was selling the rims and tires off his 2012 Airstream after upgrading to a larger size. We were geographically close enough that it worked out for us to go pick them up […]

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Nothin’ but the Tail Lights

Today we got our tail light housings back from the body shop and installed them ourselves. A friend, who owns Malibu Collision/Malibu Customz auto body shop and specializes in custom car fiberglass and carbon fiber, bravely took on our badly crumbling and irreplaceable plastic tail light surrounds. After several failed attempts at making a mold […]

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Corking Fees

There’s something magical about having a floor we could actually safely walk on with bare feet, after many months of fear of bodily harm, including–but not limited to–tetanus, splinters, impaling ourselves on various fasteners, or even falling through said floor. It also seemed fitting that two wine lovers like ourselves would pick cork as our […]

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The Walls are Closing In

There comes a moment in every long project where you panic a little lot and question whether you did everything correctly up to that point. With an Airstream renovation, that moment occurs precisely when you start reinstalling the walls that you will likely never be able to remove again. We planned our electrical system to […]

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A ‘Hole’ Lot of Drilling!

There are many ways to get a 60′ coil of copper pipe home from the hardware store. One of them is to use the full-size pickup truck you conveniently own for such tasks. Another is to see if it will fit behind the seats in your two-person convertible. We of course don’t like to do […]

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Getting Warmer and Cooler Now

The weather warmed up here in Tennessee and that could only mean one thing: time to get working faster on insulating our trailer! With aluminum being such an excellent conductor of heat, it very quickly turns oven-like inside our tin can as soon as the sun makes an appearance. We decided to go with Prodex […]

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We finally got a long stretch of dry weather and finished our new window glass installation today! What a big difference between the new tinted tempered and the old clear (actually kind of yellow!) glass. It’s like the old trailer went from outdated glasses to hip sunglasses. Huge thanks to Dwight at Glass Doctor of […]

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The Buck (Rivet) Stops Here

When we first brought our big shiny trailer home, she still had a lot of her original systems that no longer worked and needed replacement – primarily the old water heater and furnace that each seemingly weighed a ton. Our new water heater and furnace will be contained in a single, space-saving unit: the innovative […]

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We’re Absolutely Floored

With the prep work finally done after what seemed like ages, it was time for a new subfloor! We bought our plywood from a local lumberyard – 1/2″ 5-ply exterior-grade sheathing, cured and stored indoors, flat and dry. We opted against marine grade and instead are treating it with a borate-based pretreatment from Nisus Corporation […]

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