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Ding Dong the Rust is Gone!

It was a fluke warm spell at 70 degrees in Tennessee today, so we finally got to paint our trailer’s frame with automotive chassis rust inhibitor after weeks of waiting for a nice enough day. It looks so much better, and should never rust again! The metal now feels like our Le Creuset enameled cookware instead […]

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Making Headroom and Headway

Work has been slow on the Airstream renovation. Mostly because we’ve been rather inundated by work. It seems that when you do a good job for people, they start recommending you to friends. The next thing you know, you’re booked solid. Not a bad thing, mind you, but it makes it hard to get any personal […]

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Snow in a Can – We Just Bought a Vintage Airstream to Renovate!

We have a (borderline unhealthy?) addiction to rescuing both animals and cool old things that need some love and restoration. Case in point: We have three rescued dogs who are our children, and as we near the end of our first year of marriage and three years of being a couple, we’ve now spent about […]

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