Snowmads in the News:


Check out our TV debut on the new RV-buying reality TV show Going RV – Episode 11: Energy Efficient Expedition!

“Hard-working couples and families decide to ditch ordinary daily life for an adventure out on the open road. Take the ultimate ride as they go on a shopping trip to find their perfect RV. Whether it’s upgrading an existing motor home or going all out for a new one with all the bells and whistles, find out what happens when daring homeowners trade walls for wheels.” 


From a Family of 14 to a Single Lady, These People Quit Life to Hit the Road in an RV – by Caitlin M. Kiernan: “These days, it seems wandering is having it’s moment. For all the people who fantasize about giving up everything in pursuit of a dream – these are the people actually doing it. People are quitting their jobs, selling their belongings, and hitting the road to live and travel in an RV.”


Non-Retired Younger Full-Time RVing Nomad Blogs: “We’re not the only ones who decided not to wait for traditional retirement to full-time RV. Below are links to other inspiring ‘younger’ RVing nomads following their own paths..and blogging about it. From mobile careers, taking a mid-life break, or achieving an early retirement.

roadtreking rv podcast

We were interviewed by Mike Wendland for the Roadtreking RV Podcast: “This young, adventure-addicted couple in their early 30s ditched their cubicles and conventional lives to travel a new road in an RV. We talk to them about why they did it, what they travel in, and where they’re headed next. Be sure to check their website here for lots more on who they are and their continuing adventures.”

We were proud to be a case study for the article “Solar Power Finally Rounds The Corner” by Andrew Odom for Tiny House Listings.

Our article about traveling Route 66 in Springfield, Missouri appeared on the Springfield Missouri Convention & Visitors Bureau blog.