This is not your average road trip!

You may have heard that we’re doing a pretty crazy and interesting thing by walking away from a traditional life and corporate jobs to live and work in a vintage camper.

If you have a product that’s a good fit for our lifestyle and you’re looking for an out-of-the-ordinary, attention-grabbing way to test and market it, we’d love to hear from you! We’re currently accepting new product sponsors for our travels in our eco-friendly Airstream.

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Jason and Kristin Snow, Gen Y marketing and web design gurus, DIY-ers and outdoors enthusiasts. Nearing the completion of a yearlong restoration on our 100-year-old home in Knoxville, Tennessee, we started to feel a strong desire to simplify, downsize, and live a life full of daily adventures instead of predictability and routine.

We’d always hoped our lives could center on experiences rather than money and things, but fell into the common trap of working far too hard just to buy more stuff. We unsurprisingly weren’t any happier, and decided to redefine what it meant to be “rich” by participating more in life – filling the role of producers rather than just consumers.


We’re embarking on this expedition across our beautiful country to teach others about the contentment that can be found by living “greener” and in a much smaller space. We believe this shift in priorities – “The New American Dream” if you will – is becoming a larger movement, especially within our generation.

The option that best fit our green inclinations and family of five was to take our abode with us on the road, by turning one man’s trash into another man’s dream home.

Enter our project: a 1965 Airstream travel trailer that sat unused and neglected for many years.

After a year of hard work, we’re finally finished turning the Airstream into a beautiful, efficient home and office on wheels!



We bought American-made products as much as possible, repurposed many parts of the original trailer interior or built new with sustainable materials, and will be generating our own energy using solar and wind, composting our waste, and incorporating state-of-the-art systems that conserve energy and resources while maximizing comfort.

Just living in this greener RV of ours is not enough to make much impact on the world, however. We plan to use it as a prototype and product showcase to teach others, as well as being ambassadors ourselves to this unique lifestyle. We want to encourage an existence more in tune with the outdoors and adventures, living with far less, but experiencing far more.

Yes, our indoor space may be limited, but our backyard is infinite. We believe that reconnecting with the world outside our own home creates mindfulness that every action or purchase affects the greater good of those around us, particularly the natural wonders we take for granted.


We finished our trailer renovation in the early fall of 2013 and embarked on full-time travel with no end date in mind, using the seasons and our desires to chart the basic timeline and course of our travels.


All over the United States and Canada – for now! We hope to visit South America someday too.


We’re meeting and making friends with lots of retirees, students, families, and everyone in between on any given day of our travels. Everywhere our shiny vintage piece of Americana goes it attracts a lot of attention. Let us help demonstrate the value of your brand and products using our unique approach of this simpler, freer, increasingly-popular lifestyle, to every imaginable demographic and in many locations. We’re blogging, Tweeting, Facebook-ing, and verbally broadcasting our experiences with what is quickly becoming a large and diverse audience.

Secondly, we’re experienced digital marketers who have managed websites and social media for everyone from small businesses to Fortune 500’s. Naturally personable but with a flair for salesmanship, we know how to reach your audience in an authentic, credible way by forming close relationships built on trust and mutual interests, all while conveying the features and benefits of your brand and mission.

We understand better than most that consumer participation and peer-to-peer promotion of products in social media marketing goes much further than a company just broadcasting its own message to an audience.

We hope to get a chance to share more about our journey of sustainability, happiness and travel with you! Please feel free to reach out with any questions or to request more information.

Kristin and Jason Snow


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