Travato’s First Tire Change

Is this because I bragged about not having a flat on the trip to Alaska? ūüėÄ Silver lining: it’s a lot easier to change a tire ourselves on this van when needed, versus those on our bigger motorhome or trailer, previously. A parking lot is also far more preferable to have this happen in than […]

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Honey, I Shrunk Our RV: We Travel in a Van Now!

What on earth would possess us to try to fit two adults, three dogs, and all our earthly possessions into a camper van while traveling? I think we’ve officially lost our minds – Jason Maybe we have lost our minds. But we’ve been doing this for a few weeks now, and loving it so far! […]

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Yearning to Rest Easy in Your RV? Our Denver Mattress Review

Among the top things that people dislike¬†about camping is the typically-uncomfortable sleeping situation. Many of us upgrade from a tent to a trailer or motorhome for this reason, happily giving up air mattresses for more of the¬†comforts of home…or so we think.¬†It’s no secret if you’ve shopped for or owned a trailer or RV that […]

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Top 5 Severe Weather Tips for RV Owners

We had¬†a couple near-misses with deadly tornadoes recently while living in our RV, leading us to wonder ‚ÄúWhat are the best severe weather safety tips for those of us living or vacationing in a home on wheels?‚Ä̬†Ultimately, even the weather¬†experts can’t prepare us for¬†every scenario. A lot of the responsibility to be prepared still falls […]

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To Each Our Own Type of RV

I was inspired to write down a few of my musings tonight while sitting here in our 7 foot by 26 foot travel trailer, observing that we’re the smallest rig in this RV park by many linear feet and flaunting considerably less width and height as well. You can even see for yourself¬†how tiny we […]

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