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My friends the Wynns may have put it best on their own gear page:

“We’re not encouraging consumerism, but any grand adventure requires some gear.”

I strive to collect mostly great experiences in my travels, but out of necessity need some tangible items that can make life on the move easier and more enjoyable.

Here you’ll find recommendations of products or services that I regularly use (or have used in the past) and love. Just as I’ve learned countless useful tips from other bloggers’ recommendations, I hope someone else may benefit from this list!

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mesh pocket RV bathroom over the door organizer

Mesh Pocket Shower and Bathroom Organizer

Mesh pocket bathroom organizer with rust-proof metal grommets and 3 metal over the door hooks. It can also can use your existing shower curtain hooks or be attached to a wall or inside a cabinet door. A great way to keep things organized and in easy view in an RV.
Extend a shower RV curved shower curtain rod extender

Extend A Shower Hinged Shower Curtain Rod

Extend A Shower is like having an RV slide-out for your shower – this is one of my easiest and favorite modifications I’ve done in my van. Fits 35″ to 42″ wide showers, and when not in use it folds out of the way with no tools required. Can also be used to dry laundry and towels over your shower. Available in white, chrome, and bronze.
3M Command Adhesive RV Bathroom Kitchen Caddy Shelf

Stick-On Wall Bath or Kitchen Caddy/Shelf

I have one of these 3M kitchen caddies that I actually use on the wall in my van’s bathroom/shower for shampoo, soap, and other toiletries, because in the RV’s wet bath it drains any remaining water out quickly. It also works great inside a cabinet door, or anywhere you need some storage that will keep taller items from falling over while on the move.
Poo-Pourri toilet spray for RVs

Poo-Pourri Bathroom Spray

Poo-Pourri is straight-up magical. Simply spray a bit into the toilet bowl water prior to “the big event” and the essential oil forms a barrier on the top of the water, preventing those stinky odors from escaping. Whether that actually is magical or not is irrelevant, because if you live in a small space – especially with someone else you care for – and you do #2 in your bathroom, this stuff can save relationships. It can also be used in smelly trashcans, storage boxes, litter box areas, etc to get rid of odors.
Happy Campers Organic RV Holding Tank Treatment

Happy Campers Organic RV Holding Tank Treatment

After years of trial and error, this is the best RV holding tank treatment I’ve tried, and many other RVers swear by it too. Organic, biodegradable, environmentally-friendly, septic-tank-friendly, and most importantly: no more gross smells coming up into my bathroom! A little bit goes a long way.


macrame boho wall organizer rv

Macrame Wall Art and Organizing Pocket

I bought this to hang next to the bed, and it looks and functions great! The natural, cotton macrame pocket is a decorative but functional option to store any books, eyeglasses, phones, and other small items, especially since there’s no room for a shelf next to my bed.
PeachSkinSheets for RV and home

PeachSkinSheets – The softest and most high-tech bed sheets ever?

Where do I begin? I have three sets of these sheets and a duvet cover now and adore them for both RV and home use. They’re super-soft, like very high-end sheets, but with athletic-grade performance: the lightweight and airy microfiber wicks away moisture rather than just absorbing like cotton and other fabrics. The vintage version is softer, pre-wrinkled, and looks more casual. They’re cooling, breathable, hypoallergenic, anti-microbial, pet-hair-repelling, fast-drying (20 min in the dryer), stain-resistant, and non-pilling. The colors are gorgeous and don’t fade. A friend recommended them to me, and I’m forever grateful!
Latex RV Mattress Topper

100% Natural Latex Mattress Topper

I’ve found I need a firmer, spongier feel to a mattress rather than a memory foam’s squishiness. An eco-friendly latex mattress topper also doesn’t freeze and get hard in cold weather, feels cooler to sleep on in hot weather, warmer in cold weather, is springy enough that you can turn over easily in your sleep, and lets air flow through it, preventing mold in humid climates. I can’t imagine not sleeping on this anymore! It’s also pretty easy to cut to size for those weird RV mattress shapes like mine.



Luci Solar String Lights

Luci Solar String Lights

USB or solar-rechargeable 18-foot-long string lights that can last up to 20 hours on a single charge. These soft-white lights look gorgeous and set a calming atmosphere, whether at home, at the campsite, or in your tent or RV. Low, medium, and high adjustable light settings, as well as a built-in flashlight, all in a self-storing case. You can also charge your phone or other USB devices from it. I love these for both at home and on the road, and find them to be remarkably versatile and well worth the price.
opolar portable rv fan

OPOLAR 10000mAh portable fan with clip and hook

This little fan is one of the best things I’ve purchased this year – it’s SO versatile, with a clip and hook in the base, 360 degree rotation, 4 speeds, an auto shut-off timer, and it runs off a rechargeable lithium battery or USB. We have two and hang them over our heads as ceiling fans in the RV, take them outside and clip them to our camping chairs, and use them around the house on our desks.
luci solar RV outdoor light

Luci Solar Inflatable Indoor/Outdoor Color-Changing Lantern

I have three of these solar-powered Luci lanterns in my van – two multi-color and one candle-look, and they are SO dang handy! They’re lightweight, pack flat, some change colors, have an emergency SOS mode, and they can float, hang, sit on a table, and are totally waterproof.
rv battery touch puck light

Rechargeable, Dimmable Touch-Activated Puck Light

Touch-activated and rechargeable, this small puck light can be hung, set on a flat surface, or attached upside down in any area you need more light. It’s dimmable, and remembers the brightness level you last set when you turn on again. I use it in my bathroom on the wall so I don’t have to turn on bright overhead lights in the dark, but it’s great for in closets, drawers, under cabinets, in storage areas, or as outdoor lighting too. USB-rechargeable and lasts a long time on a single charge! Still going strong after a couple years, and I rarely charge it.
Amber Clip-On Travel Reading Light

Amber Clip-On Rechargeable Reading Light

We love this little reading light! The gentle, amber hue is 99.94% free of blue spectrum light, to encourage the production of melatonin in the evening and reduce eye strain. It can also double as a task light outdoors or a night light indoors, since it can be clipped most anywhere. Flexible 7-inch gooseneck with a high-capacity, rechargeable 1200mAh lithium ion battery that powers 4 bright LED amber lights. 3 brightness settings. Up to 30 hours of reading on low setting before needing to be recharged, it’s lightweight, portable and travel friendly. Works well with paper books or a Kindle.

Exterior + Ford Transit Van Accessories

polar solar extension cord

Polar/Solar 15-Amp, 10-Gauge Outdoor Extension Cord with Lighted End – 25-Foot

This heavy-duty 10-gauge extension cord is great for plugging into a 15 or 20 amp household outlet and running appliances that take a lot of power, like an air conditioner. I’ve used it a bit in my driveway to run the AC off 15 amp, and it doesn’t get hot or struggle to provide enough power. It’s also made in the USA, with an insulated cord jacket, is flame retardant, and water resistant, and has a lighted end to easily tell if you have power. Easy to coil, even in very cold temperatures.
WeatherTech Sun Window Windshield Shades Ford Transit

WeatherTech Ford Transit Windshield and Side Window Sun Shades

This is a 3-piece kit that covers the front windshield, driver and passenger side front windows from the inside. The dual-sided shades provide privacy, and keep your vehicle cooler in the summer (silver side out). In the winter, flipping them to the black side facing out helps warm the interior and avert frost build-up. The SunShades can easily be rolled up and stored when not in use, with a hook and loop strap system. The inner foam core of the shades keeps their shape, and they fit just right in the windows without sagging or needing any magnets or adhesives.
airvent ford transit cab window inserts

Airvent Security and Ventilation Cab Window Inserts (For Many Types of Vans)

German-made louvered security vent inserts in a durable black powder coated finish over aluminum. To install just roll down the window, place Airvent in window track, and roll up window. Netting behind the louvers keeps out insects. Very secure inserts can’t be removed from the outside. I use these in combination with my wind deflectors to add extra ventilation to the cab without security concerns and bugs getting in. These must be taken out to drive, but it only takes a couple seconds per window.
wind deflectors ford transit

Side Window Deflectors for Ford Transit Van

These side window deflectors mount securely on the van’s doors with 3M automotive-grade adhesive. I’ve had them on there for two years now with lots of highway driving and they haven’t budged. They allow the cab windows to be cracked while parked or driving, reducing heat build up, wind and noise while driving, and they keep rain out.
stubby short antenna ford transit

Stubby Shorter Antenna Replacement for Ford Transit Vans

Improve the look and functionality of your van antenna – no more distracting, long antenna whipping in the wind. The stubby antenna replaces the factory antenna in seconds and is powder-coated aluminum, made in the USA. Available for other models of vehicles as well.
TST 507 RV tire pressure monitor

TST Tire Pressure Monitoring System With Flow-Through Sensors

This is a must-have safety feature for any RV that doesn’t have tire pressure monitoring built-in, and would pay for itself if you can prevent even just one tire blow-out. The system reports your tire pressure and temperatures on an easy to read, color monitor that can be attached to the dash or windshield with the included mounts. Battery-operated or 12V. Flow-through sensors allow you to air the tires without removing the sensors – I find those to be the most convenient!
husky floor liner mat protector ford transit

Ford Transit Protective Floor Mats

Contoured, stay-put, rugged protective floor liner mats for the cab of a Ford Transit van. These are made in the USA with a lifetime warranty. Highly recommend these for form and function! Available for other types of vehicles as well.
Cummins Onan 2800 generator resonator muffler

Resonator/Muffler for Cummins Onan 2800 Watt Gas Generator

This was one of the best low-cost upgrades I’ve made to my van. I’d say the generator runs about 1/3 quieter now after adding a resonator to the tailpipe, and the sound and vibration is much less harsh. My local muffler shop installed it for me for a nominal fee. I’m a lot less self-conscious about running my generator in public places now.


AeroPress travel RV coffee maker

AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker

I don’t have much room in my van for coffee gear, as much as I love coffee-making supplies and wish I could have them all! The AeroPress is often called the best multi-functional option for limited spaces when traveling, by coffee snobs and casual drinkers alike. Makes 1 to 3 cups of American coffee per pressing, in about a minute, and unlike a French press, it can also brew espresso-style coffee for use in lattes, cappuccinos and other espresso-based drinks. The cleanup is easy and doesn’t require much water – really important when you’re in an RV and trying to conserve resources!
berkey rv water filter

Berkey® Water Filters

Berkey Filters are fantastic way to reduce bottled water usage for home and travel, and eliminate the need for sanitizing an RV water tank with bleach or installing expensive in-line filters. I have the Travel Berkey Water Filter, which is the most compact tabletop system, but big enough to use the same powerful charcoal and fluoride filters as the larger systems. I move it between my house and RV, so it serves multiple uses, unlike a permanently installed, in-line water filter. It’s able to filter up to 2.75 gallons of water an hour, which can provide enough water for up to 6 people. It’s made of a high-grade, durable, 304 stainless steel to last a lifetime, and can even filter water from rivers or other bodies of water while wild camping. If the price is a deterrent, I recommend signing up to be notified when a “scratch and dent” model is available, which is how I purchased mine at a significant discount. It only had one tiny and barely noticeable scratch! The water level gauge is a must-have accessory too, so you don’t overfill it and know when to top it off.
gooseneck induction rv kettle

Gooseneck, Induction-Friendly Kettle with Thermometer

I love this space-saving stainless steel kettle with a cool-touch, ergonomic handle and a gooseneck spout for a steady and precise water flow for pour-over coffee or my AeroPress. It has a thick, triple-layer base, so it works on all stovetops, and is warranted to stay rust-free and safe to drink out of for decades. Built-in thermometer in lid helps monitor water temperature, and shows optimal range for most coffee.

Bungee Cargo Net With 6 Adjustable Hooks

I use this handy bungee cargo net to hold my Berkey water filter upright and in place on the counter while driving – works great connected to some eye bolts in a corner of my countertop. Very strong and secure hooks and netting.
rv fridge freezer thermometer

Refrigerator and Freezer Thermometers

These give me a little more peace of mind than just a battery-operated thermometer that could read inaccurately (and yes, it’s happened to me, and my food was ruined). They show the safe temperature zones for fridge and freezer, and have a stainless steel construction and shatter proof lens. These can either sit on a shelf or hang from a wire rack.
Collapsible Portable RV Wash Basin Dishpan

Collapsible Portable Wash Basin Dishpan

These wash tubs collapse to just a couple inches in thickness, and are so handy for everything from washing dishes to washing your hair, chilling drinks in ice, defrosting the fridge and freezer, or catching any leaks. I often use it inside the sink to save space in our gray water tank by dumping used dish/bathing water outside, as long as we use biodegradable products and it won’t attract animals.
Perfect Tear Wall Mount RV Paper Towel Holder

Perfect Tear Ratcheting Paper Towel Holder

This highly-practical paper towel holder has a ratchet system that prevents rolls from unraveling (especially while driving with a cab window down – ask me how I know!) and allows you to effortlessly tear one piece at a time, one-handed. It’s easy to mount horizontally under a cabinet or vertically on the wall. Comes in two colors and styles.
Umbra folding RV dish drying rack and mat

Microfiber Folding Dish Drying Rack and Mat

This handy drying mat combines an adjustable-position and detachable plastic dish drying rack and a microfiber mat that absorbs the water from the drying dishes. It conveniently folds up for compact storage in a drawer or cupboard, leaving your countertop clutter-free – which is very important in a tiny space! Available in several colors and sizes.
RV countertop extension folding table brackets

Countertop Extension or Table Heavy-Duty Folding Brackets

These heavy-duty stainless steel brackets are easy to install and use to add a countertop extension or any extra surface in an RV or around the house – just pop them out when you need more counter space or a table, and fold them away to save space when not in use. I added an additional 12″ to my RV kitchen counter by buying a wood cutting board and mounting it on top of these. Works and looks great!



vittles vault jr pet food RV container

Vittles Vault Airtight Pet Food Storage Container

I use the Vittles Vault Jr. for my dogs’ freeze-dried raw food and our cat’s food, to store some of it in a smaller RV cabinet that I can shake into their bowls for daily use. The rest of my food supply is stored in a larger Vittles Vault, in the bag the food comes in. I really like the built-in measuring cup on the Jr. and the hand grip for pouring. I know that if it were to fall out of the cabinet, it’s unlikely it would spill or break. Seals out air, bugs, pests and water, and is made in USA from food-grade, BPA-free materials.
temp stick rv temperature monitoring for pets

Temp Stick Wireless Remote Temperature & Humidity Sensor

This is the temperature monitor I’ve used for years for keeping track of the temperature in my RV when I leave my pets alone. It monitors temperature and humidity without a monthly subscription, using any cellular or wi-fi connection in your RV, and texts and emails alerts for high/low temperatures, humidity levels, WiFi connection loss, and low battery. You can also check the app to see temperature over time and check its connection. Made in the USA, works on two AA batteries, and doesn’t require an external power source or subscriptions. Can also be used in a refrigerator/freezer, and you can monitor multiple sensors at once from the app.
pet home alone tag for RV

“Pet Home Alone” Tag and Emergency Wallet Cards

This “pet home alone” notification tag easily attaches to your keychain, belt loop, handbag or back pack when you’re away from home or your RV. They let first responders know to check your wallet for a card with emergency contact and pet information. It gives me peace of mind when I leave my pets behind in the RV, that if I were injured or became ill, one of my contacts would be notified to find and help take care of my animals.

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