Now We’re Rolling!

Now We’re Rolling!

We drove to North Carolina this week to pick up a rather essential component of our Airstream: the wheels! A fellow AirForums member was selling the rims and tires off his 2012 Airstream after upgrading to a larger size. We were geographically close enough that it worked out for us to go pick them up directly rather than shipping them, and made a great new Airstream-owning friend in the process!

Axle installation was pretty straightforward, thanks to the expertise of Colin Hyde, who helped us to pick out and order the perfect axles for our year and model of trailer. It took a little over a month from the time we ordered them until they arrived, due to the custom fabrication process.


Due to the age of our rig and changes made to axle design over the years, we had to drill new holes in the steel trailer frame to mount them. One of the hardest parts of the project was finding a big enough drill bit for those bolt holes!


The new aluminum wheels look amazing with our trailer and we can’t wait to take them out for a real test (not just around the block!).


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